Teddy Bear Doodles

Sheepadoodle Life Expectancy

As the Sheepadoodle grows in popularity, you may be wondering how long this fluffy companion will be by your side. The average Sheepadoodle lives 12-15 years on average! So you’ll have plenty of time to spend together as you embark on new adventures with your teddy bear coated fur baby.

Does Dog Size Affect Life Expectancy?

Sheepadoodles come in three sizes. Miniature, Medium and Standard. It is commonly seen in many breeds that large breed dogs simply don’t live as long as their smaller counterparts. Small breeds have a life expectancy of 12-14 years on average as opposed to giant breeds who have a lifespan of 5-8 years. Luckily, even our biggest Sheepadoodles parented by the Standard Poodle won’t grow to be more than 70lbs keeping them at the bottom end of the large breed category. This keeps them well within the range for having an extended lifespan based on size, as well as maintaining the variety we can offer to each family, some preferring larger Sheepadoodles while others may feel a small teddy bear sized Sheepadoodle would better fit their lifestyle.

Do Hybrid Dogs Live Longer Than Purebred Dogs?

Recent studies have found that across all size groups, mixed breed dogs experience a longer lifespan than purebred dogs. On average a mixed breed dog will live about 4 months longer than a purebred dog. While this isn’t a significant difference, you wouldn’t see any dog owner turning down an extra 4 months with man’s best friend. Additionally, there are the added health improvements that result from crossing two purebred dogs. This is known as the “hybrid vigor factor” or heterosis. Bringing out the strong suits in both breeds, hybrid breeds continue to prove they are healthier than that of a purebred dog.

Other Factors That Influence Lifespan

Although there are many things we can do to predict the lifespan of a Sheepadoodle, it is important to recognize that as we discuss the “average” lifespan, there are no guarantees. Many Sheepadoodles have lived much longer than expected, and some have experienced shorter lifespans that sit outside of the “average” lifespan. Average life expectancy doesn't give us the full picture when it comes to the overall length of life each dog will live.


Every living thing needs proper nutrition to perform at its best. Sheepadoodles given poor or inadequate nutrition are more prone to developing health conditions that can directly impact how long they’re expected to live. In the same breath, it’s worth mentioning that overfeeding your pet can be just as detrimental to his or her health. Studies have shown that overweight pets suffer from shortened lifespans. Enlist your veterinarian if you’re concerned about the nutritional needs of your pet, a proper diet can save you years with your Sheepadoodle!


Ensuring your Sheepadoodle receives the correct amount of exercise is a key component to his overall health, giving him the chance to live a long life at your side.

Sheepadoodles do require a moderate amount of exercise and mental stimulation. These things are especially important to your dogs health, as well as his behavioral state. Research has shown us that exercise helps reduce and even eliminate behavioral problems like digging, barking, chewing, whining, pacing etc. Having a long enjoyable life for both our puppies and their new families takes top priority at Utah Teddy Bear Doodles.

Breeding & Genetics

We take pride in each and every one of our puppies produced. It is for this reason we do everything in our power to produce dogs with strong genetics free from defects and medical conditions that are more common in each parent breed. We certify the hips and elbows of each dog prior to any breeding through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as well as having a completed genetic health panel to screen for known diseases.

Veterinary and Health Care

Caring for your pets medical needs properly is a critical part to their well-being. Minor injuries can progress into larger problems over time when they go un cared for. Caring for the health of your pet through regular grooming, keeping them clean and providing a sanitary living environment can impact the life of your dog. Even something as treatable as a flea or tick infestation or a forgein object sticking your pets paw can become a life threatening situation when left without veterinary care.

Emotional Health

Believe it or not, stress can impact the lifespan of your dog. Our pets need emotional connection with humans or other pets to live a happy and content life. Simply put. Happy pets live longer. The less environmental stress your dog has to deal with the more loved and well cared for they will feel. Having little to no interaction with the family will negatively impact your dogs mind and body. Often overlooked, the mental and emotional health of your Sheepadoodle plays a vital role in his success as a member of your family, as well as his health and lifespan.

Not to mention the added benefit of increasing your own lifespan by owning a Sheepadoodle! That’s right. A recent study concluded that dog owners were 24% less likely to die from any cause. But with that said, sometimes it’s important to let go of all the scientific factors that impact life expectancy and remember that any time spent with man’s best friend, is time well spent. The joy our Sheepadoodles bring to each of their new families is immeasurable.