Teddy Bear Doodles

Do you ship? Is it safe? Yes, I have shipped all over the United States and Canada.   Shipping is available for an additional $500.
What does my puppy come with?
* First set of shots * De-worming Schedule started * Small toy or  blanket with mothers scent * Spay/neuter Contract * Vet Check * Socialized with children * Life time support * Small bag of  dog food  * Started  on basic commands

What is your health Guarantee? ​
We guarantee the dog for one year against genetic problems that are life threatening. If your dog developes a hereditary disease that is life threatening you will need to provide a statement from a certified vet. We will get a second opinion from our vet, if this is the case we will replace your puppy. No refunds!

Please note: the puppies may pick up common parasites such as giardia, coccidia, roundworm, etc We do everything in our power to prevent these parasites by de-worming our dogs and puppies and keeping a clean environment.

What age can I bring my puppy home?
I let my puppies go to their forever homes at 8 weeks old. I will not make any exceptions to let a puppy go earlier than 8 weeks. I ask that all families take their puppy home by or before 9 weeks. If you take your puppy at 8 weeks you will be able to take them as carry on if you are flying, and you wait until 10 weeks your puppy will be too big!

Do you provide references? 
Yes! If you are interested in talking with a family who has purchased a puppy from me please let me know! We only allow serious families to speak with our references so we do not overtax them with casual interests. We thank all of the wonderful families who have brought one of our babies into their home:)  

​​​​Ready to add a puppy to your family?

If you are interested in getting on our waiting list, or purchase a puppy from us, please fill out our puppy application. You may wish to secure a pick position right away! Most of our puppies PRE-SELL prior to whelping. To reserve your spot on the list we require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. All deposits and or payments are non-refundable no exceptions! If for some reason we are unable to provide you with a puppy that will fit you and your family, your deposit will be transferred  to a future litter. (If you have already chosen a puppy and the puppy is six weeks of age deposit is no longer transferable!) ​ Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received. (We reserve the right for first two picks in each litter)

If a puppy is available at the time you place the deposit you will only have to wait a maximum 8-10 weeks. If you leave a deposit before breeding has taken place or just after wait time can be up to 6 months depending on the length of my current list. Leaving a deposit before breeding has taken place or just after will ensure you are able to get a puppy out of the closer upcoming litters. If you would like to purchase a puppy please contact me to put a deposit down!