Teddy Bear Doodles

When considering whether a Sheepadoodle is the best match for you, it’s a decision that will impact the whole family. One of the main factors to consider before adding any pet to the family is the financial commitment. Our Sheepadoodles are a huge part of our family. Making sure that each of our buyers are fully prepared to take on this amazing addition to their family is one of our top priorities. Here's a list of common expenses for caring for a Sheepadoodle puppy!

Annual Vet Visits

Every dog should see the vet at least once annually. Your Sheepadoodle is no exception to this. These visits provide the opportunity to administer any vaccinations needed, do a fecal sample checking for intestinal worms, check for heartworms, do routine blood work etc. During the first year of your Sheepadoodle’s life they will have additional visits to complete their DHPP boosters, rabies vaccination and examinations for different types of parasites. For this reason, the first year of veterinarian visits can be a higher expense than the years that will follow. On average a routine veterinary check costs around $45-$55 with an additional $15-$28 for each vaccination, along with $25-$45 per fecal sample. However these prices can vary based on location and veterinary practice; some vets will even offer bundled pricing for these services. You can generally expect to spend $150-$375 per year to keep your Sheepadoodle feeling his best.

Parasite Prevention

Depending on where you live (some areas are more heavily infested with fleas and ticks than others) you may find that a flea and tick preventative is necessary. Sheepadoodles have long coats that can vary in texture. For this reason it can be more difficult to examine your dog for fleas and ticks. There are many flea and tick preventatives on the market, ranging from topical forms such as collars, and shampoos, to edible forms that are ingested. Additionally, monthly heartworm prevention may be necessary. Parasite preventatives on average cost $200 annually. However, purchasing your parasite preventatives online can reduce the cost. Always consult your veterinarian first before introducing medications of any kind!

Pet Insurance

Monthly premiums for individual pet insurances can vary by hundreds of dollars. With that said, Your average pet owner spends $30-$50 monthly. This form of protection is optional, and can assist you if your Sheepadoodle is ever injured, ill, requires medication or diagnostic testing. Each policy is different so you’ll want to double check with your specific pet insurance company, but most will not cover the cost of annual health checks, spaying & neutering services, dental care, vaccinations and parasite prevention. You will have to budget for these separately. The average owner spends $360-$600 for their pet insurance policy annually.

Dental Care

A dental cleaning for your Sheepadoodle should be all he needs in terms of dental care on an annual basis assuming you brush his teeth and care for them regularly at home. A professional dental cleaning from your veterinarian can cost between $300 to $700 per appointment, but most dogs only need one per year. Should your dog need additional care such as a tooth extraction this can cost several hundred dollars more.


The quality of food you purchase can have a huge impact on the price. On average a good quality kibble diet is around $40-$80 per 50lbs bag, there are approximately 4 cups in every pound of dry kibble. 

Ordering your dog food online can reduce the expense per bag. Do your best to not overfeed your Sheepadoodle as this will waste food increasing your dog food expense as well as causing your dog to become overweight. Obesity can cause your Sheepadoodle to develop health complications. If you have questions regarding your pet’s diet consult your pet’s veterinarian for advice specific to your dog’s weight, energy and growth requirements. 


Sheepadoodles have little to no shedding, and for this reason having their coats clipped is a must. Sheepadoodles generally need to visit the groomer every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat in optimal condition. Other aspects of grooming include nail trimming, eye care, ear cleaning, and brushing teeth. Most of these however, can be cared for at home without any extra trips to the groomer and shouldn’t raise your monthly expense. 

Pet Supplies

There are lots of things you can purchase for your pet, toys, leashes, collars, beds, crates, food bowls, and every pet accessory your heart desires. These pet supplies are often one time purchases or they don't need replacing on an annual basis so these can be factored into your yearly budget accordingly.

Pet Supplies 

  1. Dog toys
  2. Dog Crate/Kennel
  3. Leashes 
  4. Bed
  5. Collars
  6. Bowls
  7. Training


Training your new Sheepadoodle will enhance both of your lives and can even help build the bond between you and your dog. Owning an obedient dog makes life together a dream. The value of training is truly immeasurable. It can save your dog's life in critical situations. If you run into an aggressive dog, being able to recall your dog can protect him from injury, or keep him from running into traffic by putting him into a solid “sit, stay”. Professional training can cost well into the thousands. But it's important to remember that training is an investment in the safety of your dog that will carry on throughout his or her lifetime. Our professional Sheepadoodle puppy training program is $650 per week. We set the stage for success by giving your Sheepadoodle puppy a strong foundation in basic obedience. 

Overall Expense

Overall, it’s important to note that every family’s goals, lifestyle and values are different so every family's expenses will reflect that. Each budget will be different. This list serves as a general outline of what prospective puppy parents may want to consider as they prepare for this exciting new journey! Owning a Sheepadoodle can range from $2,000-$6,000+ per year. At Utah Teddy Bear Doodles we strive to give our dogs the best lives possible and send them to their forever homes who will make it their goal to do the same.