Teddy Bear Doodles

Flight Nanny Service

At Utah Teddy Bear Doodles we value the safety and health of our puppies. We will never ship any of our puppies as cargo under any circumstances. While most planes offer temperature regulated cargo spaces. Out on the tarmac where the “cargo” waits can be dangerous for any dog. To be loaded and unloaded while exposed to the elements, whether that be high heats or freezing colds, neither is good for a small 8 week old puppy.

How Can I Ship My Puppy?

If for some reason you’re unable to pick up your puppy in person, we do have a shipping service that we offer for an additional fee of $500-$900. Flights can vary a lot depending on distance and location, time of year etc. For this reason the “shipping price” of your new Sheepadoodle isn’t a set rate.

What is a Flight Nanny?

Because we value our puppies and their comfort, we employ what is called a “Flight Nanny”. Our flight nannies take their jobs very seriously. From the moment of pick up they keep your puppy safe, warm and clean as they transport the puppy to the airport. Once at the airport they will fly with the puppy in the cabin and will not leave your precious Sheepadoodle puppys side at this time. The duration of the flight is spent comforting the puppy, keeping the flight as low stress for the puppy as possible.

Once the flight nanny arrives on the ground again, you will of course be notified, and your sheepadoodle hand-delivered to you at the agreed upon location. Once delivered the flight nanny will depart home again on a returning flight while you are free to take your new puppy home and start your new life together!

Preparing for Flight

During the last few days of your puppies stay with us at Utah Teddy Bear Doodles, we will be pampering your sheepadoodle as we prepare to send each one to their awaiting new puppy parents. We give each puppy a bath in the days leading up to the flight to ensure they’re clean and well cared for. Providing each puppy with a health certificate stating they are in pristine health and are good to fly. As the time draws near we stop feeding your puppy a few hours prior to them being picked up by the flight nanny to avoid accidents on the plane during the flight. The flight nanny will also be sure to potty the puppy during pick up and before your puppies flight. After landing you can expect a happy, clean (and probably hungry!) puppy to arrive safely in your arms.