Teddy Bear Doodles

Adoption Questions

What are the first steps to getting a puppy from Utah Teddy Bear Doodles?
We vet all of our buyers through our Puppy Application. The first step to adopting a Sheepadoodle is filling out this application and awaiting approval. Once your application has been approved, you can then contact us to place a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and puppies are picked in the order deposits are received. We’ve streamlined our adoption process over the years to be straightforward and thorough. Helping to simplify the adoption process while still hitting all the necessary marks.

How much does a puppy cost?
We take pride in the quality dogs we produce. Our Standard Sheepadoodles start at $3,000 and our Mini Sheepadoodles start at $3,500. There is an additional $500 for any merle colored Sheepadoodle puppies.

Can I pick up my puppy in person?
Yes, once a pick up date has been scheduled you are more than welcome to pick up your new Sheepadoodle puppy in person at the agreed upon date and time.

How much does shipping cost?
For the safety of the puppy, we will not ship puppies as cargo. If you’re unable to pick up your puppy in person we do offer a Flight Nanny service for $500-$900 (depending on your location and the time of year flights vary in cost) our flight nanny will coordinate all of the details from pick up and hand deliver your puppy at the airport closest to you. *Flight Nanny internal back link*

Will Utah Teddy Bear Doodles help me in the process of picking the puppy that best suits my family and needs?
Yes! We give weekly updates up until the time you pick your puppy to help give each family insight into each puppy’s personality. Using our puppy application we do vet our buyers and use the information to make the best possible puppy match to their lifestyle and preferences.

Is my deposit refundable?
No. Unfortunately, once we receive your deposit you will be placed on the waitlist for our upcoming litters. While we will not refund this fee, if you find there isn't a perfect puppy for you in an available litter, your deposit can be transferred to the next available litter.

Once my litter is born, at what age can I “pick” my puppy?
Puppies are picked at 5 weeks old in the order deposit are received. Each family receives updates until this time and generally has a good idea of which puppy they would like when it comes time to pick their new Sheepadoodle puppy.

How often will photos of my puppies litter be sent to me?
We put together weekly updates for our excited puppy parents awaiting the arrival of their precious new addition to the family.

At what age can my puppy leave Utah Teddy Bear Doodles?
We follow veterinarian recommendations, letting our puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. For most puppies this is around the time they begin their first behavioural fear period. Sending them to their new homes at this time allows them to adapt to their surroundings and build their resilience. 

What if I am unable to pick my puppy up for a few weeks when it's time to go?
Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks. If you’re unable to pick up your puppy at that time, we provide a few options:

Contact us about our flight nanny service, and we can take care of the transportation for you. If you’d like to postpone your pick up date we charge $35 per day to board your Sheepadoodle puppy until you’re able to transport him home. Additionally we can enroll your puppy in our training program while they are with us. Our Sheepadoodle puppy training program is $650 per week.

When will the balance be due on my puppy?
A deposit is required to gain entry into our waitlist, at that point the remaining balance of purchasing your puppy is due at the time of pick up, cash is the easiest way for us to accept payment. You will be required to cover the full cost of your puppy before they will be released from our care.

If something should happen and I am unable to care for my dog, will Utah Teddy Bear Doodles take my dog back?
Yes. We take pride in the quality dogs we produce, if for any reason you are ever unable to care for your dog you are required to return your Sheepadoodle to Utah Teddy Bear Doodles. We enforce this simply to keep our dogs in good hands, our dogs mean the absolute world to us and this prevents them from ending up in shelters or in homes that are not ideal for our dogs.

If I don't find the perfect puppy in the litter I had planned to pick from, what can I do?
If you feel like none of the puppies from the current litter are the perfect addition to your family, you can have your deposit held for the next litter. Deposits are transferable to future litters for up to 1 year after the deposit is placed.

What if I pick my Sheepadoodle puppy, confirm and pay for that puppy, but change my mind later on?
Once you have confirmed with me, paid for your pick of the litter, that puppy belongs to you. We schedule a time for each puppy’s family to select their pick of the litter, during this time it is a lengthy process involving many parties. For this reason it is structured to give each family an equivalent amount of time to select which puppy they will receive. After your time is up and your puppy chosen, there will not be any changes made as this wouldn't be fair to other prospective puppy parents.

We do our absolute best to ensure everything is executed fairly, giving ample amounts of information to each family in the weeks leading up to adoption. Our goal is to assist everyone in receiving the puppy that is best matched to their family.

Can I come to visit Utah Teddy Bear Doodles and see my puppy in person before picking him/her?
While we are more than happy to provide as much information as possible, we unfortunately do not allow visitors. Due to Covid-19, potential spread of parvovirus and other life threatening illnesses we have found the most success in giving regular updates via text, phone call and showing the puppies through facetime and similar video conference apps. This saves your puppy and the rest of his littermates from potential illnesses prior to them being fully vaccinated.

What comes in my puppy package?

You will receive a gift package to take home with your puppy upon pick up (or delivery) including:

  • Vaccination records
  • 1 Year Health Guarantee
  • Schedule for the puppy detailing his food routine, training etc.

Health Questions:

Will my puppy come with vaccinations and be wormed?
Your Sheepadoodle puppy will come with his first set of vaccinations (Distemper, Adenovirus type 1 (hepatitis), Adenovirus type 2 (respiratory disease), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.) which is administered at 6 weeks of age. You will need to get your puppy his second set of vaccinations after you bring them home at 8 weeks.

Are the parents of my puppy genetically health tested?
Yes. We screen for known diseases and complete our genetic testing through Paw Print. We want each family to know exactly what to expect when it comes to the health of their new Sheepadoodle puppies. Performing the necessary genetic testing is the staple of a responsible and reputable breeder.

Will I receive a copy of the vets shot record?
Yes! You will receive all the veterinary records given to us for your Sheepadoodle, this includes their vaccination history.

Will my puppy have dew claws removed?
No. The common reason dew claws are removed is due to potential risk; it could be a source of injury. However, many vets report that dew claw injuries are quite uncommon. In fact, there is more of an indication that dogs without dew claws suffer more foot injuries and are more prone to arthritis than dogs with intact dew claws. When a dog runs, the entire front foot including the dew claw can contact the ground. When changing direction at high speeds, the dew claw can dig into the ground and prevent torque on the leg. This is beneficial for every dog. Here is an example of dogs using their dewclaws on ice.

When should I take my puppy to see my vet once it arrives?
You will need to take your new Sheepadoodle puppy to the vet within 72 hours of receiving him or her. This first vet appointment will serve as a great opportunity to establish a relationship with your vet, as you'll want to be comfortable discussing anything pertaining to your new puppy.  

Will my puppy need additional shots?
Your puppy will receive their first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks old under our care. After you receive your puppy at 8 weeks, it is recommended they receive their second set of vaccinations from 9-11 weeks of age.

  • First set of vaccinations: 6-8 weeks

  • Second set of vaccinations: 9-11 weeks

  • Third set of vaccinations: 12-14 weeks

  • Fourth set of vaccinations: 16-17 weeks

After your puppy is up to date they will need booster shots every 12 months.

At what age do I get my puppy a rabies shot?
Rabies is a deadly virus and it’s very important to make sure your Sheepadoodle is up to date with all of their vaccinations to prevent life threatening illnesses. The rabies shot is administered with the fourth set of vaccinations generally at 16 weeks. Booster shots are due every 12-36 months after that.

At what age do I start heartworm meds for my new puppy?
The American Heartworm Society recommends starting heartworm prevention as soon as 8 weeks. Once you pick up your new Sheepadoodle puppy, consult your veterinarian to discuss which heartworm preventative they recommend.

What kind of flea medication can I give my new puppy?
While there are many popular options on the market, always consult with your veterinarian before starting your puppy on any new medication.

Training and Socialization questions

Will my puppy be potty trained when I pick it up?
No, but if you would prefer to pick up your puppy with a foundation in basic obedience and potty training there is the option to enroll your puppy in our Sheepadoodle puppy training program where we establish the basic commands and begin house breaking for you. Our Sheepadoodle puppy training program is $650 per week.

At what age can I start giving my puppy treats?
When you receive your new Sheepadoodle puppy, it’s only natural to want to feed them treats and bond with the new addition to your family. However, it’s best to wait a week or so to introduce treats due to the sensitive stomach of your brand new puppy. Puppies go through an adjustment period as they are weaning, and then going to their new home and potentially new food. We recommend introducing treats gradually after the puppy is settled in so as to not upset his or her tummy.

What if my puppy will not eat once he arrives at our home?
The first 48 hours after you pick up your puppy can be quite stressful for him/her. Their whole world gets shifted as they enter a new home with a new family leaving their parents, siblings and familiar surroundings behind. For this reason it’s not uncommon for puppies to have a decreased appetite. However, if problems persist contact your veterinarian right away.

When can I take my new puppy out to meet other dogs?

For the safety of your new Sheepadoodle puppy, it is in his or her best interest to wait until the puppy vaccinations are completed around 14 weeks before meeting any dogs outside of the household.