Mika has really been a blessing to our family that we never knew we needed and wanted. Since Mika has arrived, our family spends more time together because everyone wants to be around her. She is a very smart girl with cute little quirks. She loves playing hide and seek with the kids in the house. Mika is also a very sociable puppy with other dogs and humans.

Everyone always compliments on how smart she is and her beautiful color. Once Mika arrived, Utah Teddy Bear Doodles was easy to contact with any questions or concerns we had. We tell everyone about them because our experience has been a very positive one. Thank you Utah Teddy Bear Doodles for everything!!!!♥️♥️
- Misa Family (California)

We were so lost as a family when our last dog, Buddy, died. When we were ready to add a new dog to our family, we were so lucky to find Utah Teddy Bear Doodles and Anna. We immediately fell in love with the picture of our Ozzy on her website! Anna was great to answer all of our questions, and I was impressed with her questionnaire/application because it showed that she really wanted to find a home/family that would work well with the Sheepadoodle breed. As we waited to pick up our new puppy, Anna would send weekly updates, pictures, and videos which were the highlight of our week! When I got the text, the whole family would come running to see. When the day finally came for us to pick up Ozzy, we were impressed with Anna giving us a binder of helpful information and a goodie bag of things we might need, which was very thoughtful of her.

Ozzy is truly the most friendly puppy. He is best friends with every dog and person we pass by. People driving by us, pull over to tell us how Ozzy is the cutest dog they have ever seen. His color is so beautiful! He has done well with training and continues to get better all the time. The nipping of the ankles/herding was our biggest problem with him as a young puppy, but he continued to get better from 4 1/2 months on. He is now 6 months old and has chilled out a lot (but still has lots of energy of course). He is the most lovable puppy ever and we can't get enough of him. He brings so much joy to our family! We recommend Anna and Utah Teddy Bear Doodles to everyone we see who asks where they can get a puppy like Ozzy. :) 

Thanks Anna!
- Jeff and Marissa North and family

After doing extensive research on finding the right breeder to start our little family, we were so pleased to find Utah Teddy Bear Doodles. The response I received from others who had gotten pups from UTBD was overwhelmingly positive, with many mentioning they plan on getting another puppy from them in the future. My experience with UTBD was phenomenal from start to finish. Anna was able to provide me with detailed information about the puppies once they were born on a regular basis, and included tons of photos throughout the process. Anna was always quickly responsive on any questions we had, and was very informative on what the puppies were doing each week as they developed.

What really made me feel my experience with UTBD was so great was the pick up process. My puppy, Moo, was dearly cared for and was not timid or nervous to come back on the plane with me. Anna provided a generous gift bag with lots of supplies and gifts for our baby Moo to take home. Moo was basically already potty trained when we brought her back, with minimal accidents ever occurring, which I know sounds too good to be true, but it is! Moo is the greatest puppy ever. She is so happy, playful, loves to socialize with other dogs (and humans), and is so healthy and sweet. I have already referred several friends & family members to consider UTBD when getting their next pet, and I will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for giving us Moo!!

​- Navarro Family (California)

We couldn't be happier with our little guy, (not so little anymore). He is such a big part of our life. He follows me everywhere, but if my husband goes outside he better take Lonzo! We should have named him Snoopy, because he is so snoopy and curious.

I can't do anything without him checking it out. He is very much loved by both me and my husband!
- Bourne Family (Washington)


If you are looking for the perfect family, service dog or just a great companion with beauty, brains, and outstanding personality, you have come to the right place!

Our goal at Utah TeddyBearDoodles is to be the very best kennel in America, and to produce top quality puppies for families all over the world. Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines,  we breed and train our dogs to be the best companions they can be.

When my husband and I decided to get our first dog together, we were naturally very nervous and excited about finding the perfect newest member of our family. Utah Teddy Bear Doodles went above and beyond for us! We had grown up with labs and were unfamiliar with this new hybrid breed. Anna was patient with all of our questions and provided honest feedback about the lifestyle requirements for a Sheepadoodle puppy. Once the litter was born, we excitedly waited by the phone every Saturday for our weekly updates. The updates included details about: progress with their development, socialization introductions, personality types that were emerging, basic kennel training, and even introductions to driving in a car for pick-up day! By the time we picked our girl up, Anna had thoroughly briefed us on what was needed for a young puppy and included a detailed binder on “New Puppy 101” to make the new home transition as seamless as possible.

Our sweet girl, Pepper, is the happiest dog we have ever seen, and we believe it is because she was loved and surrounded by a family + kids from the VERY minute she was born. She thinks every person she meets is her new best friend! This breed is excellent on hiking trails, loves running in the ocean, and is the perfect combination of mello and playful. We truly don’t believe we would have had such a naturally well-socialized and happy dog if we had gone with a different breeder. We owe it all to Utah Teddy Bear Doodles!”

​- Alston Family (Utah)

Welcome to Utah Teddy Bear Doodles!

We have been VERY impressed with the puppies that are raised with Utah Teddy Bear Doodles! We were nervous with this being our first pups, however, they took the nerves away with answering our many questions & fulfilling what we needed!

We are SO impressed with our sweet Clara & we tell everyone how sweet, smart, & loyal of a dog she is! We highly recommend bringing your own puppy home from Teddy Bear Doddles! It's been the greatest blessing in our lives!!

- Goldrup Family (Utah)

We strive to produce perfection in the Sheepadoodle breed.  As a hybrid, they can vary in size, color and coat type.

These designer hybrid cross breeds not only produce the smartest of the “Doodle” breeds, but also produce a very rare and exceptional family dog, a personal companion with amazing attributes that are just not found in other breeds. We have developed a breeding program that produces impeccable health, a calm temperament and gorgeous coloring, in all of our unique outstanding puppies! 

Definitely felt like our needs were met - we had good communication about the process and the puppies, and the notes you shared about the puppies' personalities before we chose one. (And we've found your notes to be accurate!) 

And of course we love her tremendously. We waited a long time after our last dog passed before bringing another dog into our family and we're enjoying Eve so much. She's so stinking smart, has picked up commands easily and loves to be with us and other people. Her coat is the softest I've ever felt and for a family with allergies, we've had no problems acclimating. She's a pack dog and gets anxious when our boys run too far ahead on a walk, and shows us love every day with nuzzles and leaning her body into us as if to give us a hug. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat - thank you!

- Fletcher Family (California)

We just got our baby Ollie from Utah Teddy Bear Doodles earlier this year and are so in love with him. After and exhaustive search for the right sheepadoodle breeder, we found Teddy Bear Doodles and couldn’t be happier with our experience. Anna was so kind throughout the process, giving us updates and sending a multitude of pictures weekly. She made herself easily available to chat and answer any questions we had which was especially helpful as we prepared our home for the little guy. 

Picking up our puppy was super easy to coordinate. Anna came to the airport and met up with us to hand off our puppy and she gave us a binder filled with instructions, tips, a vaccination record, and even a birth certificate! 
We are so happy with our experience with Utah Teddy Bear Doodles and would recommend them to anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family! 

- Rouiller Family (California)

Bella is not only beautiful but smart as a whip we love her so sweet and social  ❤  she is good with people and other dogs playful and loves to ride in the car. She is doing great with her agility loves her tunnel.

The first couple months with her puppy teeth were a little tough, sheepies go thru that nipping stage. she has got past that now going to be a big girl eats constantly she gets steak for breakfast and her kibble all day. She got her first grooming and the groomer loved her and she loves the blow Dyer. Lol 
- Abraham Family (California)


Teddy Bear Doodles

I was very happy with my experience working with you. I loved getting weekly puppy updates and pictures. I know that not every breeder does that, so that was exciting each week leading up to puppy. You were always quick to respond to my questions.

Ella is doing well. She's very smart but definitely testing her limits now. She's about 19 lbs and will crawl into your lap or lay at your feet when she's tired. Cant wait to see that when she's full grown 😂 I get compliments on her whenever we go on walks

- Matsuura Family (California)